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Testa Cellexir One

  • Try Cellexir One
  • 1x package, contains 30 daily doses.

3x Cellexir One

Save 13%

  • Try Cellexir One
  • 3x packs, contains 30 daily doses.

12x Cellexir One

Most Value Save 22%

  • Get the most out of Cellexir One with a subscription.
  • 12x packaging, 30 daily doses, a total of 360 doses.

Cellexir One Subscription

Popular Save 22%

  • Get the most out of Cellexir One with a subscription.
  • 1x package, contains 30 daily doses, monthly.

Cellexir Endurance

Cellexir Endurance Developed for those who want to perform better, both physically and mentally, during longer and harder training sessions and competitions.
  • Now with improved formula and taste
  • Contains PEAK ATP®
  • Approved for elite athletes

Hear from our customers

Great recovery!

star star star star star

I already noticed after 1-2 weeks on Cellexir that I recovered faster between workout sessions. I am convinced that it helps me work out more and harder over time. Very satisfied!

The brain fog is as if blown away

star star star star star

I started taking Cellerix One in the middle of the worst time of my menopause, suffering from brain fog, dizziness, fatigue, poor recovery after working out, and a general lack of energy. It took about a month before it started to turn around and now I don't dare being without these amazing supplements! If you haven't tried them yet I highly recommend you do!

Dips in the gym, but not in life.

star star star star star

I work out with focus on strength and spinning and thanks to Cellexir One I can push myself to 100 % despite my almost 67 years! I rarely have a sick day. I have used Cellexir for 1 year. Fantastic product, I do recommend it!

67 years old, able to train like never before

star star star star star

Excellent product that provides a boost of energy and quick recovery after tough workout sessions.

Great recovery!

star star star star star

One month before the Vätternrundan bicycle race in 2017 I crashed and broke ribs and wrist bones as a result. Only 10 days later I was back in full training and had recovered just in time for the race. I believe that I have Cellexir to thank for contributing to my quick healing process!



Cellexir One x12 pack

Try Cellexir One one month for only 198 SEK

(20% off, you save 1077SEK ) 4699 kr BUY NOW

Marcus Gitterle, MD

Co-founder of Cellexir

Creator of the formula for Cellexir One and author of the book Growing Young which also laid the foundation for the start of Cellexir. MD. Gitterle talks about the research into anti-aging and aging processes at the cellular level in an instructive series of articles.


The story about Cellexir

“Listen to this audiobook - it will change your life!”

Raine stated the above in a message to me along with a link to the book Growing Young. At the time, in January 2015, I was a 48-year-old ambitious and hard-training masters cyclist.



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