“See myself in development” – Jonas Bohr


Performing physically is not only about the physical and being fit enough, although that is a prerequisite, the mental part can be what puts the brakes on you. However, Jonas has chosen to make it his strength and constantly tries to think positively in order for him to succeed in his achievements!

How do you work with the mental part of your training?

I try to think positively and see myself progressing rather than declining even though my biological age is 53. It has helped me a lot to try to see mental images of capacity instead of the other way around and I have been able to increase performance to personal peak levels now.

How do you take care of negative thoughts when the going gets tough during competition or training?

It is tough and difficult when you suffer from failing mental thoughts combined with extreme physical fatigue. I sometimes try to remind myself to think that others are the same or even more tired if it’s this hard for me. Tell myself I can handle pain and lactic acid better. In training I often listen to music too, it cheers me up and removes doubts.

How do you think about performance anxiety, is it something you get?

I get nervous and sometimes have doubts, but I rarely get performance anxiety. I try to think that if I succeed in fighting and doing my best, that’s good enough regardless of the result.

Do you do any planned form of mental training/meditation or similar?

No, not in any kind of structured thinking or exercises.

Vad har du för tips till dom som kämpar med negativa tankar i kombination med träning/tävling?

Trying to feel safe in the knowledge that you are only doing your best, you can always be satisfied with your performance and there is nothing to be nervous or anxious about. Not least if you have trained well and otherwise feel prepared for the task.


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