Inspired by Growing Young!

I followed the advice and listened to the book for a couple of chilly practice rounds – fascinated and interested in the subject of aging processes. What they consist of and how we can delay and even reverse parts of aging through improved lifestyle.

In the quest to become as great as possible at cycling, I had learned a lot about diet and exercise, and the advice in the book is very much in line with what I had learned so far. Just like the title of the book Growing Young, I decided to become “younger”. Because, you know, you become what you think you are.

I started taking the supplements recommended in the book along with an already nutritious diet and good exercise. I felt a very good effect, recovered faster after hard workout sessions, had great energy levels and felt that my mind had gotten sharper and clearer.

From idea to reality

Me and Raine started sketching on an idea. What if we could bring together some of the most potent supplements for our bodies and cells in one package? If it works this well for us, maybe there are more people who would be interested too.

We wanted to make it easier and cheaper for ourselves and for others to follow the advice from the book. It was time to contact Dr. Marcus Gitterle, the author of the book, in the hope that he would like our idea. To our delight, he thought our idea was brilliant and we were given the green light to turn the idea into reality!

Dr. Marcus Gitterle is a specialist physician and head of clinic at a top-rated hospital in the United States and has helped us develop the formula for Cellexir One – a dietary supplement for our cells consisting of natural nutrients that support and improve our physical functions.


Growth in the company – satisfied customers!

The growth in the company during the past year has been incredibly strong! We have delivered to thousands of satisfied customers and received fantastic reviews that can be read on the website. Today, our customer base consists of everything from hard-working athletes to a significantly older and more mature age group.

Athletes and the younger customer group value increased energy levels as well as faster and better recovery. The older age group testify to everything from a more vigorous life to a sharper mind. Today our largest customer group are women and men with a huge interest in health and diet.

Cellexir family is growing fast

This year we have also started a cycling team of 9 of Sweden’s leading master cyclists who are now competing for Cellexir Cycling.

How has my own project gone? Have I succeeded with Growing Young?

I have now taken the Cellexir One supplements on a daily basis for almost 4.5 years. The silver color on my hair is not reversed, but I do feel and perform at my personal top level. I am healthier and stronger and with a lot of working out, despite my 52 years, I have succeeded in developing and continuing to improve in one of the toughest fitness sports; bicycling. I compete in the elite class road bike on exemption as the oldest in Sweden among guys young enough to be my sons.

Yes, I can now state that Raine got it right – the book really did change my life. Can Cellexir One change your life? If not as radical as for me, then our hope is nevertheless that you will be one of those who thrive and feel good effects from Cellexir One. We welcome you to try!

Cell Elixir Endurance

In 2020 we launched a new product for endurance athletes – Cellexir Endurance. It is a unique product that contains a total of 15 ingredients that have a positive effect on mental and physical performance in endurance sports. The idea for Cellexir Endurance came about because there was a lack of a collective product of performance enhancers on the market targeting fitness and endurance sports.

The reviews and customer ratings for Cellexir Endurance have been great regarding performance. What consumers wanted improvement on was the taste. Therefore, In the spring of 2022, the new updated formula with a better taste for Cellexir Endurance launched.


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