10 tips for a healthy life


Hey! Sometimes you need to remind yourself of the simplicity of healthy living. Scroll down to take part in 10 simple tips and adopt what suits you best! 🙂

1. Continue to take your Cellexir capsules. If you don’t eat, start 🙂

2. Eat a nutritious breakfast every day. A good start to the day goes a long way!

3. Be outside in daylight every day☀️

4. Enjoy the food you eat and the company you are with

5. Exercise! 💪🏻

6. Plan your meals based on the vegetables, “what shall we have with this wonderful kale salad?” 😀 7. Find activities that suit the season we are in

8. Wait 15-20 minutes before taking another plate of food

9. Eat moderate amounts of sweets 🍬 10. Sit back, put the phone away and enjoy being free when you are 🙏🏻



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