Malin Ewerlöf

We are so happy to have Malin Ewerlöf with us as an ambassador! During her sports career, Malin has won a total of 24 SM golds and an EC silver in 800 m in 1998. Now more, she works as a personal trainer in running for individuals and companies and trains herself because she loves to train, the training is given because she should feel good. The competitive person probably never disappears though, so she usually puts on the number plate and runs about 2 races a year!

In addition to running, Malin likes all kinds of sports: tennis, golf, cross-country skiing, swimming, cycling, and cooking. Today, Malin works as personal training in running for individuals and companies, lectures, training and competition trips for exercisers, also has the Ewerlöf & Månström podcast together with Petra Månström.

This is what Malin says about Cellexir Endurance:

I’ve always been a little careful with what I put in me regarding recovery products, sports drinks, etc. when I trained and competed. It comes from my background as an elite athlete where you always have to be absolutely sure what you put in so there is no illegal substance in the product. It worked well to mostly only drink water when I was competing in middle distance running, but in recent years, especially during long runs and long runs where more focus and strength are required for a longer period of time, I have unfortunately felt many times that my strength ran out too early. The fact that I now drink Endurance during my longer and harder sessions has made a big difference in how I feel about maintaining strength and mental sharpness for a longer period of time.

The fact that the content is also carefully composed and tested also means that I can stand for Endurance in every way.

Try it out! It really works – Malin Ewerlöf


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