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This weekend I was up in Örnsköldsvik and Sidensjö to cycle the Masters SM. It was a fantastic weekend with the best summer weather, the finest nature, tough courses and, for me, very successful competitions with a silver medal in both tempo and line races. Wonderful dividend after all the tough things I’ve been through, three serious accidents and injuries in 2015-2016. Difficult feeling and happiness to get back so much now after all the invested effort to come back. Do you want to read more about the cycling weekend? Link to my cycling blog here:

Today’s post is a continuation of my previous post, which was about common denominators for those who live the longest in the world. The recipe for a long life seems to be summarized as: Eat fresh food – Move a lot – Don’t stress and be part of a positive social community.

Today I am writing about something that is probably at least as important for a long rich and prosperous life as the above points. Namely, your own mental images and projections. Your programming.

It has long been debated what controls our genes and predispositions for, for example, diseases or skills for sports or other skills. Is it heredity or environment that weighs more heavily? Can you be born into something good or bad? Or is most of the course of life a function of your lifestyle, your brain’s programming, mental images and projections?

We have millions of genes in our bodies and the research into so-called Epigenetics (lifestyle’s influence on the activation or deactivation of our genes) still has a lot to show, but more and more points are being made to likening one’s genes to the keys of a piano. There are endless combinations to play and the music that comes out depends of course on which keys you press. You can thus activate good genes and play the most beautiful music for a long rich life through a good lifestyle, among other things according to the tips above. You can also conversely play fake music and through bad lifestyle, thought paths and mental images activate bad genes and become more susceptible to diseases etc.

Please listen to this podcast (link below the post) where Dr. Bruce Lipton, one of the pioneers in Epigenetics, talks about “how we become what we think” and how our brains are programmed. That cancer and all other diseases are over 90% an effect of environment, lifestyle and your mental programming and projection. Our bodies thus create the biochemistry and activate the genes that our programming and lifestyle dictate. The fact that you have noticed and noticed for a long time that you can imagine yourself healthy or ill is one thing. But this is mindblowing. We are brought up to believe and think that diseases such as heart defects, cancer and others are beyond our control. Something we go to the doctor with. Please doctor help me I have been affected by x or y. We have cancer in our family etc. Research shows, for example, that a cancer-stricken family that adopts children is just as often affected by cancer as their own biological children. They are programmed into the belief that in this family we have cancer and the body creates that disease picture and biochemistry, activates the genes that sooner or later develop cancer.

Likewise the opposite, we feel e.g. all to the American winning culture. Are Yankees born with winning genes? Obviously not. They are programmed in school and college into a culture of believing in themselves and then they win more often. I myself have experienced it very clearly in recent years in my cycling career. I don’t believe in limitations. I believe in myself, try to think and live according to the motto “Everything works and it doesn’t work, it works anyway”. And guess what, in some strange way it often does. I have achieved much better results than a genetic test would show as likely.


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