New ambassador – Carina Raak Olsson


Name: Carina Raak Olsson

Age: 60

Lives: Stockholm (Östermalm)

Interests: The summer house on Öland (with all that entails in terms of indoor and outdoor activities). Our dog, a male Bichon Havanis named Åke, food and health, plants in the forest and land, especially medicinal herbs and trees and their uses, 80s mystery novels.

Works with: Committee secretary in the Media Ethics Committee Favorite food: Asian food, mainly from South Korea and Vietnam

Favorite snack: Popcorn

The green pharmacy

Through an interesting lecture on “the green pharmacy” in the mid-90s, Carina became interested in Swedish medicinal herbs and complementary medicine. So interested that a few years later she trained as a herbalist with Marie-Louise Eklöf, who is a well-established herbalist with training in phytomedicine. “Even though I do not currently practice as a herbal therapist, I still use medicinal herbs for my own and my family’s use for ailments of various kinds”. Carina has also been a trained spa and massage therapist from the Axelsons Institute for a few years now. “That training gave me additional pieces of the puzzle in terms of the body’s different functionalities and unique ability to self-heal if you only give it the chance. Currently, I see massage mostly as a hobby, but I intend to become more active in both of these areas the day I graduate pension, as a kind of pension insurance to keep body and soul going.”


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