Naturprodukter & Holli new dealer for Cellexir!


We are very happy to present and as dealers for Cellexir both online and in stores at Hornsgatan 45 Stockholm and in Rimbo where Cellexir is now located. and are run by Jimmy Lidberg and partners. Many of you remember Jimmy as a great wrestler (in the double meaning of the 96 kg class) with a total of 8 major championship medals including 3 straight WC medals and Olympic bronze in London 2012.

What else are you doing these days after wrestling Jimmy?

– In addition to running Naturprodukter & Holli, I have been employed as a physical trainer for Hammarby Football for a few years, so it is really busy.

How did you discover Cellexir?

– I first heard about Cellexir on a pod and thought it sounded interesting. Then we started talking about it in Hammarby Fotboll and decided to test and evaluate ourselves and for players in the A team. We got very good results and reviews and then I thought it was obvious that this is what we want to market and sell from Naturprodukter and Holli.

From your long elite career as a wrestler and in your current assignment as physical trainer for Hammarby Football, you have a solid grasp of everything that applies to physical and mental performance. For example, has soccer training at the elite level developed a lot in recent years in terms of training theory?

– Yes, a lot has really happened in the last 10-15 years and almost exploded in the 4 years I myself worked with elite football. In the past, it was a bit so and so with this physical optimization and individual player development. Today we work very professionally with these pieces with, for example, periodization and individual loads and programs for strength, speed, technique and cardio training. Here you also need to be careful with all parameters such as diet recovery and also supplementation to get those last percentages that can decide and there I would say that Cellexir Endurance is the best product I have seen on the market in terms of optimizing endurance and performance during matches and also help with recovery.

Have you tried Cellexir’s products yourself yet?

– Yes absolutely, have tested Endurance for several weeks and am incredibly impressed. Before hard training in the gym and can handle more reps with a stronger feeling and not least a mental effect that is tangible. It feels both easier and more fun to take in. An extremely important factor for performing at an elite level is the mental aspect. And for my part as a former elite athlete who still tries to maintain a decent level of training, cell and mitochondrial health is very interesting and that’s where Cellexir One comes in as a very attractive basic product to support our natural processes for energy, recovery, well-being and performance. Collecting these effective ingredients in one product is neat and I see it as a natural and leading supplement for pretty much everyone over 35 but also for younger, e.g. elite actives who want to optimize their mitochondria and cell functions.

As an elite level fitness trainer, which sports would you say benefit the most from Cellexir Endurance?

– Yes, of course, all fitness sports, but also complex sports, team sports, football, hockey, handball, etc. Wrestling that I myself come from combat sports, yes actually all sports where mental and physical performance is on the list of requirements so the vast majority I would say.

Thank you Jimmy, we really look forward to working together with Naturprodukter & Holli and wish both you and Hammarby the best of luck!



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