Malin Ewerlöf as ambassador for Cellexir


We are so happy to have Malin Ewerlöf with us as an ambassador! During her sports career, Malin has won a total of 24 SM gold medals. Now more, she works as a personal trainer in running for private individuals and companies and trains herself because she loves to train, the training is given to make her feel good. The competitive person probably never disappears though, so she usually puts on the number plate and runs about 2 races a year!

Name Malin Ewerlöf

Age: 47

Lives: Lidingö

Interests: All kinds of sports: tennis, golf, cross-country skiing, swimming, cycling, running and cooking and wine

Works with: Personal training in running for individuals and companies, lectures, training and competition trips for exercisers, also has the podcast Ewerlöf & Månström together with Petra Månström

Favorite food: Grilled meat with raw fried potatoes and a nice salad

Favorite snack: Chips and olives

Favorite workouts: Hard interval workouts in running where you get lactic acid

Merit: 24 SM golds, JVM gold in cross-country running in 1989, EC silver at 800 m in 1998

Tell us a little about your background, how did you get started and hooked on running? What is the best thing about the sport?

I usually say I was born a runner. My father competed in the 800m and 1500m as a youngster. The same distances that I later competed at. He inspired me early on in running and was my coach throughout my career. I started competing in running when I was 7 years old and have always loved running difficult distances. I set my own high goals early on and since then training and competing have become a lifestyle and a must for me to feel good.


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