Happy New Year!


When we started the journey with the Cellexir project, we had a vision and a goal. We wanted to create an easily accessible way for many people to experience the positive effects we ourselves have felt for years by taking the active nutrients that Cellexir contains. That was the main motive for starting Cellexir. As we now enter 2019, we can very happily state that we are on the way to success. The growth of new satisfied users during the autumn has been fantastic! More and more people are discovering the power of Cellexir. Most enjoyable is the great customer feedback we receive from so many satisfied customers who testify to increased well-being, more energy, faster recovery and a sharper mind to name a few of the usual feedbacks. Effects of an improved cell and mitochondrial function. During the autumn, we conducted a customer survey of 500 customers where a full 40% responded and of these 75% gave a combined rating of 7-10 out of a possible 10. 27% put 9s and 10s which of course makes us very happy.

We humbly want to thank all of you Cellexir customers and hope we can continue to deliver you a good piece of the puzzle for a stronger, healthier life in the future as well. Of course, your lifestyle is most decisive for how you feel and perform. Healthy food, lots of movement and exercise in combination with a joyful everyday life with a low stress level, positive thoughts and good sleep are central and absolutely crucial for optimal health and well-being. I sometimes think of myself as a nice vintage car. If I just look after it well, nurture and service it with the right “oils”, it can pretty much have eternal life. That’s the image I try to project on myself. I’m not growing old. I’m growing young! As the title of our Senior Advisor Dr Marcus Gitterle who made the formula for Cellexir and wrote the book Growing Young. It is about how you can delay and even reverse parts of the body’s aging processes with the right lifestyle and nutritional intake. It was after I listened to that audiobook (available on Storytel and in our webshop) during long cycling training sessions in early 2015 that this journey began. My main partner in Cellexir sent me a link to the audiobook and wrote. Listen to this one it will change your life. Yes, it indeed did :-). Whether Cellexir will change your lives, I don’t know for sure, but I hope and believe it can be a piece of the puzzle for increased well-being for you going forward.


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