3 health tips from Stefan Wendt (Better with age)


Stefan runs the podcast, Facebook page and website Better with age where he inspires others to lifelong health! He is also one of our awesome partners, I took the opportunity to ask Stefan about his three best health tips and here they are!

Name: Stefan Wendt

Family: Wife and two grown children

Lives: Skövde

Works with: System development at the University of Skövde

Interests: Cycling in various forms (road, mtb, long-distance cycling), family, travel, and inspiring lifelong exercise and health.

Favorite food: Wallenberger

Favorite snack: Cheese

bows Replace sitting with movement If you consider that lack of time is an obstacle to physical activity, find ways to exchange sedentary time for movement. Transport training is a good way. For example, walking, jogging or cycling to the workplace. Something that I do myself is cycling in front of the TV instead of sitting on the sofa. Rolling two hours in front of an exciting football match is a smart way to combine utility with fun. Skip breakfast If you want to limit your calorie intake, I recommend intermittent fasting. I think the simplest method then is 16:8, which I apply myself (at least on weekdays). This means that you eat your meals every day in an eight-hour window. For me, it means that I simply skip breakfast and during the day eat lunch, possibly a snack and dinner. I think that breakfast is the most important goal of the day is mostly a myth and it is mostly about habits. Studies have also shown that this type of fasting can extend life. Take a nap I like to take a nap (or so-called power nap) when I have the opportunity. Even if it only takes a few minutes, I think it’s a very good investment for your well-being. I feel much more alert and can stay active the rest of the day in a better way. Thanks Stefan for your tips! Remember to listen to the episode where Jonas (One of Cellexir’s founders) was a guest on Stefan’s podcast, click here!


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