Hello, let me first say that I’m very happy to meet you here. And I hope I will bring some inspiration into your life. Who Am I then? I am a US Physician specializing in tissue regeneration and wound healing in a hospital that has been rated on the “Top 50 hospitals in America.” I lead a team of more than 30 physician and mid-level healthcare providers, caring for patients in more than 90 hospitals and other healthcare facilities. I have a formal, ongoing research partnership with the US Army Institute for Surgical Research to better understand the role that the human microbiome plays in wound healing.

How I became involved in treatment on a cellular level?
I am a conventionally trained physician, whom like many in my field became concerned my profession was really monetizing disease, rather than supporting wellness, therefore I began studying the aging process avidly, and became one of the first physicians to pass the written Board Examination of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine.
My Philosophy.
While the burgeoning anti-aging medicine movement was encouraging, I felt that it focused too much on hormones, and not on cellular aging, where aging really takes place. I realized that to really make a difference, you had to stop over-simplifying aging, and realize that it is a network of interlinked processes, and treat it as such. And that’s what I’ve been doing since then.