This is no ordinary e-shop with nutritional supplements.

This is a place for anyone who wants to feel better. Lungs.

Today, there are as many experts as there are theories about what we should do to feel better, be fitter, live longer and be happier. But what very few of them talk about is what really happens in the body when we get certain nutrients and what happens when we don’t? Today, research has come a long way in the area that is somewhat carelessly called “anti-aging” but which is really about what we can do to help our cells and our bodies to keep us young and healthy for longer. Of course, it is about a whole in which exercise and the right diet are important components, but it is also very much about a number of natural nutrients that it is not so easy to get through the diet. And that’s exactly what Cellexir is all about.

Welcome to an e-shop that is a blog with a bike geek, a trauma doctor, a lot of studies and a huge curiosity and passion for what we can all do to feel better for longer.
Välkommen till Cellexir!


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