This is how you vary the vegetables


We all know that we should vary the vegetables endlessly to “ensure” that we get a little bit of everything (nutrients I mean). Eating something different for every meal would be the dream in several different ways, but it would be a bit of a chore and perhaps an unreasonable demand for many. There are easy ways to vary the vegetables and here are some tips.

  • Eat according to the rainbow. When you shop and when you cook, make sure you have vegetables of different colors in your basket and with every meal.
  • Replace your vegetables after about 2 weeks. If you think it’s a bit tedious to keep buying different vegetables all the time, then a good idea could be to run on the same vegetables for about 2 weeks, for example.
  • spinach, manche, red pepper, radish, carrot and zucchini and then change to kale, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, white cabbage and sugar peas. Then you don’t have to think so much every time you shop, but then you know what to have and what to do with them. Buy a new vegetable every week.

A good way to “challenge” yourself to try new vegetables. If you buy everything new that you have never eaten or cooked before, there is a big risk that it will end up in the fridge, but only ONE new, you can do that.

Find some basic vegetables that you always have at home. Some vegetables can be considered more useful than others and they can then be great to have at home all the time and then vary with others. I would say which vegetables it is is up to everyone, depending on what they like and want to do with them.

A final tip that I think you can always keep in mind is to eat more according to the season. Vegetables in season are usually cheaper and taste much better. Remember that everything you do in the store affects, if you shop and more according to season, the stores will also have more such goods and the prices will be cheaper. I would also think that it is beneficial for the environment, if there is no demand for fresh strawberries in the fall and winter, then the stores will not order them from Belgium, Spain or elsewhere, but then our Swedish strawberries will be found in stores again in the summer. Take bananas as an example, now you hardly see non-organic bananas anymore and it is because the demand for organic bananas became so great. That’s how I would like it to be with paprika, paprika is very sprayed but the organic one is very expensive, I rarely buy paprika for that very reason. If I don’t really want it, then of course I buy organic.

How do I?

I have periods when I like different things differently. My partner thinks it’s super hard because he never knows if I like something or not because all of a sudden I can change my mind haha. Right now, I’m not too keen on kale, black cabbage and arugula, for example, but I’d rather have spinach, manche and romaine lettuce. I’m simply a period person mixed with the penultimate tip, that some vegetables are always good to have at home, such as carrot and zucchini, two vegetables I basically never run out of and think are great if they are in the fridge. Then I vary a little with the season, of course, haha, I no longer buy radishes and strawberries, for example, but I can definitely get even better at that too.


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