Sven Mörtberg


Hello Sven and welcome as a Cellexir ambassador, very nice to have you along. Would you like to tell us a little bit about yourself?

You have, to say the least, an impressive career as a skydiver with over 8,000 jumps. How did that adventure begin, what kind of skydiving have you practiced and do you still jump today?

       – I was a paratrooper and during the training we were taught to parachute. I thought it was fun           and became interested in learning to free fall – since then I’ve been hooked.

      – I previously competed in skydiving and have 23 SM gold medals in various disciplines.          Nowadays, when I no longer invest in competition, I like to organize large formation jumping; to coach large groups of jumpers where we form predetermined formations during the freefall.

     – Setting a large formation record is also fantastically exciting. I have helped organize several Swedish, Nordic and world records. The Swedish record is 107 jumpers in a formation. Otherwise, I am most proud of the current world record, a 400-man formation where I was responsible for 40 jumpers in one of the sectors. Creating such a formation means that everyone has to work towards a common goal under a lot of pressure. It’s a big challenge, but when it succeeds, it’s pure euphoria. That experience and those feelings remain in the memory for life.

   – I try to jump every weekend during the summer and travel abroad for different jumping events a few times a year. – Another stimulating jumping is being able to train beginners, my future jumping companions. To experience their enthusiasm and joy together is priceless and provides enormous energy.

Apart from skydiving, what are your interests and do you do other sports or leisure activities?

– Jumping is my absolute favorite activity, but on the side I do trail running and cross-country skiing on a hobby level. In the open ground season, I try to get some trail runs in, preferably in the mountains. In winter, it is long-distance skiing. I train with Sundbybergs IK, which has a very active section for those of us who like long runs. The Vasaloppet is of course a highlight of the season, but I try to ride many more long races during a season. The most fun is the Nordenskiöldsloppet, a 220 km long race in the Jokkmokksfjällen.

     – I’ve been on a run streak for almost 2 years now, i.e. to run every day regardless of other activities that day. I became curious about the concept, after reading that many in ultra running are doing it. A nice thing that is now part of my daily routine.

You are 62 years old, jump with a parachute and do both extreme races on skis and long endurance tests with ultra running. Have you always been this active?

      – As long as I can remember, I have always found joy and gained energy from doing something physical. I’ve never found doing nothing at all very relaxing.


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