Interview with Patrik Nilsson


We are very happy to present one of the world’s top Triathletes as ambassador Patrik Nilsson.

Patrik, would you like to tell us a little about yourself? –

                    – I am 28 years old, from Stockholm but have lived in Denmark for the last 5 years.

How did you get into Triathlon and how long have you been involved professionally?

                 – Before triathlons I was doing medium/long distance running, but in 2010 I picked up                          my  old swimming skills and entered triathlons.

What are your main achievements or achievements you are most satisfied with?

              – A second and third place in Frankfurt (EC), a win at the North American Championship                    in addition to five wins at Ironman and an eighth place at the Hawaii debut.

Do you have a favorite branch of the three?

– As you say, actually all three – triathlon is the favourite.

What does a typical training week look like and do you train all disciplines roughly the same amount all year round? – I probably run all disciplines about the same number of sessions throughout the year…. A little “shorter and harder” during the off season and more competition-specific the closer I get to the race.

What do you feel is the most fun about being a Triathlon professional?

– Living by doing what I love, training and competing.

What is the toughest or most difficult?

– That you are constantly given the correct black and white if you are “good enough” – in any case, you get fairly concrete feedback on how good you are.

What is your primary driving force with your venture?

– To see how fast I can be and the desire to try to do the “perfect race”.

Besides all the training and the heavily mortgaged triathlon life  do you have time for any other interests and how do you relax? – Just started using the app “headspace” to get some mental relaxation, otherwise mainly with the family and Matteo in 3 years.


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