Ingmarie Nilsson – Ambassador for Cellexir


Ingmarie Nilsson has been taking Cellexir for almost 1 year and is very happy and grateful for the effect she feels.

Name: Ingmarie Nilsson

Age: 54 years

Family: Large and sprawling

Lives: Stockholm

Works with: Specialist nurse, yoga instructor, running coach and occasionally freelances as a journalist

Interests: Traveling, painting, exercising, watching movies, writing, discovering and experiencing Favorite Food: Basically anything vegan. Love vegetables in all their forms. I’m crazy about sprouts and always have cultivations going. And I like to be invited because cooking is not my favorite occupation. “Keep it simple” is my motto there.

Favorite snack: I’m not much for snacks, but if I’m going to have something, it’s like nuts, nuts, a banana, or some really good bread. I love sourdough bread!

Instagram: @ingmarie_yoging

Learning new things

after 50 She thinks being able to develop and learn new things even after 50 is really cool, and her goal is that the desire for discovery and curiosity never abates. She knew the ingredients in Cellexir before but did a little extra reading before ordering home, which she is so glad she did. She has now been taking Cellexir for almost 1 year. This is what she says “Already after a couple of weeks, I started to notice that my recovery was significantly improved. Of course, I still get tired when I train hard, that’s kind of the point, but the tiredness that I used to feel for several days is now gone already the next day. I also experience a better “sharpness” in my head, it’s easier for me to focus and focus. I have been running at all levels for almost 35 years, and it becomes quite obvious that the times are getting worse, but the passion and above all the feeling of flow and power are still there. I actually think it’s really cool that I’ve continued to motivate myself despite many setbacks and injuries. Now I don’t think that one thing can fix everything, you have to look at the whole of your life, but clearly Cellexir One helps me to be even more energetic!” She also adds on her blog that she notices a difference in how she handles stress at work now compared to before starting Cellexir. As well as that she is also very grateful for is that sometimes she gets a little low, she has been reconciled from that since she started Cellexir One. READ MORE ABOUT CELLEXIR ONE


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