Emmie Ekdahl


We are very happy to have Emmie Ekdahl with us as a new Cellexir ambassador. Emmie is a former tennis player who discovered Padel and has now made a rocket career in a short time and represents Sweden in this explosively growing sport.

mmie tell us a little bit about yourself? –

I am 30 years old, live in Linköping but also work in Gothenburg. Is a trained physiotherapist, diet and nutrition advisor and also padel coach. I am passionate about helping people feel better. Have a background in tennis but when I found the padel I was hooked. Now I have played padel for 4.5 years and played two EC and one WC. There is really Padel fever and the halls are growing like mushrooms and hardly any free time can be found. What do you think it is due to? – I think it’s because it’s quick to get started and get games, and at the same time it’s a social sport. There are also many different parts to develop such as technique, tactics, positioning, communication, etc. which means that you will never be full Do you think it will continue to develop into a folk sport? Maybe a future Olympic branch? – Definitely. If I compare when I started playing 4.5 years ago and hardly anyone knew what padel was until now when almost everyone plays, what an explosive development. I hope so and hope that it happens soon so that you get the opportunity to experience an Olympics



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