Why are some things useful in food but not in supplements?


Hi, We are delighted to have received a huge response to the launch of Cellexir. As you are probably aware, the debate about nutritional supplements being or not is a hot one. Personally, I think the debate is often a bit black or white. Arguments such as “nothing has been proven” or “ordinary food” works just as well is something you often hear. In my world, it becomes a bit limiting to dismiss supplements just because they are supplements. Let me give a couple of examples: Most people agree – and there are countless studies that show – that ingredients like turmeric, curry (turmeric curcumin) and ginger have a lot of good properties for our health. They are attributed properties such as being anti-inflammatory and disease-fighting, etc. That’s good. I myself like to eat food with a lot of curry (turmeric) and ginger. But I have also been taking curcumin as a supplement for several years, which I believe and experience has clearly improved my health. What I don’t understand is how these natural ingredients can be good in “regular food” but not in a supplement? It’s a logic and approach that I don’t get. Via diet, it is often difficult, if not impossible, to get an optimal amount of certain nutrients and vitamins. Vitamin D is another example that experts (easy to google) are increasingly recommending extra intake of. Especially in our sun-poor latitudes in Sweden. Since I started taking proper vitamin D supplements around 2011, I don’t think I’ve had a single infection or sick day.

Cellexir combines some of the most potent (research and evidence-based) and natural nutrients for better cell care, increased synergies, better performance and well-being. Today, as a 50-plus year old, I am in better shape than I have ever been in my life. My muscle mass is more defined and my fat level is around 6-7%. And this despite the fact that I live far from an ascetic life. Those of you who know me know that I am very happy to have a glass or two of wine with a good dinner. I am now performing at an elite level in cycling again and have come back in record time from some very serious injuries. The other day, after four days of hard competition, I managed to win a big bike race in very tough competition. Is it thanks to Cellexir? No, of course the answer is not that simple. A fundamentally healthy lifestyle with good diet, exercise and low stress is the most important thing. But I am fully convinced that the nutritional supplements I take provide more than just so-called “marginal gains”. This is not least evidenced by my latest podium finish. In my next blog post, I will write more about the base to increase the chance of a long, healthy and healthy life. There seem to be three things that are common to most people who live longer and healthier lives. What things do you think they are?


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