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From idea to today

It’s almost hard to take in. That we are live with Cellexir! It’s only been a little over a year since I got the idea to collect some of the supplements I take in one and the same tablet.

But let’s take it all from the beginning: I am an aspiring veteran cyclist who has competed with relatively great success in a late-start cycling career that began at the age of 44. After a few years on the bike and a few medals in the Veteran SM and NM, I wanted to compete for the WC title in the Men’s 50 class. I saw a chance to compete seriously! My development had steadily gone up and I had a good grasp of my training and what I needed to put into myself to maximize the chances of being able to reach the goal. But what if I could also “train” and service the inside of my body, the smallest components on which everything is built – my cells.

An acquaintance told me about the book Growing Young, which is about how, with a healthy lifestyle, exercise and a number of natural nutrients, you can delay, stop and, at best, reverse the aging of the body. When I read the book, it was as if someone put all my thoughts into words. When I started to practice the advice in the book, I felt a great positive effect in the form of increased energy – and suddenly performed at a new highest level physically. I felt faster in my brain with more alert train of thought and better memory. The inflammation and pain in the body disappeared. I stayed healthier and recovery from hard training was faster and even recovery from some nasty bike crashes was surprisingly fast

Whether it was in the hospital bed or on the bike that the idea was born, I don’t remember for sure, but I couldn’t stop thinking that more people might be interested in experiencing this change and power that I experienced in the last two years. I spoke with Raine, a good friend who has followed the same program for the same amount of time and he felt the exact same positive effects. But we agreed on one thing: It had to be easier than buying and taking all the different nutritional supplements that we did. It must be possible to make a tablet that contains the right things in the right amounts. Fortunately, Raine has worked in the production of pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements and had the right contacts to produce a product with only the best ingredients in a safe and cost-effective way.

We contacted Dr. Marcus Gitterle, who wrote the book Growing Young and whom we got to know during the trip. Marcus is an American trauma doctor and specialist in cellular care with his own clinics in Texas. He immediately became interested in being involved and strongly believed in the idea. The formula itself is the work of Marcus and it consists of 5 natural supplements. Now it’s time for launch. It’s wonderful and exciting, and although everyone involved in Cellexir has been running businesses for many years, we are all newbies to this project with all the challenges it entails. But we feel very confident. This adventure started with a simple idea and we firmly believe in it. We believe that there are more people who want to feel better for longer and take part in the knowledge and science that is available today about our cells’ ability to rejuvenate and create more energy. A warm welcome to come along on the journey!



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