Cellexir’s quality control at our producers


As part of ensuring that our product is of the highest quality, last week our employee responsible for production and quality visited our producers. We visited the facility where the product is mixed, the capsules are manufactured and packaged to personally take samples for further analysis at an accredited analysis lab in Sweden. Only after the results from the analysis in Sweden prove to meet the requirements within the EU is the batch released for packing and onward shipping. We also visited the manufacturer of Acetyl L Carnetin and the manufacturer of PQQ. Both companies produce both pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements. And both facilities are approved by i.a. FDA and subject to regular audits. During the visits, an inspection of the manufacturing facility and a review of the companies’ quality procedures were carried out. Everything to ensure that production meets standards within the EU.


We carry out this during the manufacture of each new batch to continuously ensure that standards and quality requirements within the EU are met.


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