Spartan Race in Spain


Those of you who read my intro post when I started working with Cellexir saw that I had quite recently completed a Trifecta Weekend in Austria, my biggest training challenge so far both mentally and physically but there will be more, Austria was just the beginning!

Spartan Race in Austria (my first)

I did the Spartan Race in Austria together with my friends from the gym I train at (Gattitraining). During this year, we have had a training program from our coach Anders Gatti, however, I have been quite injured and have not been able to follow the program as intended. An old injury in the shoulder and back that was messed up, but I finally managed to start the race pain-free and with a good feeling in my body. I was prepared for the fact that I would have a lot of pain afterwards in both my back and shoulder, but still chose to take that risk.

Harmless (-ish)

The positive thing is that I haven’t been in pain at all, I was almost shocked and of course AS happy as I could be. This has allowed me to train in a way I didn’t think I could after those races, yippee! It has also meant that I have been able to plan Spartan in Spain this weekend and I have also been able to train really hard for it so it feels great. I will go with a group from the gym again, but not all of them as three of the guys chose to run the Spartan in Åre which was last weekend. In Austria we ran three races in two days, but now it will “only” be the two shorter races in one and the same day. Those races are called Super and Sprint. The longest race is called Beast. The sprint will be at least 5 km and 20 obstacles. The super will be at least 13 km with 25 obstacles. I’m starting to get sick and I’m also excited to try to have a slightly higher pace than we had in Austria, it’s in the mountains, so that’s one of the reasons why it takes a little time.. then yes, it’s 30 burpees if you block an obstacle it takes a little time, so does if there are many barriers. If you haven’t tried Cellexir One, do it now!


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