Growing Young

A perspective on life and science by Dr Marcus Gitterle

Hello! I am Marcus Gitterle, a physician in the United States who has been involved in research and clinical practice in the area of cellular function optimization, and tissue healing, for more than two decades. In my work I have helped people who are among the healthiest people alive, and also some of the most health-challenged.

Above all, I have learned to apply the science of cell health to the goals of overall wellness. Starting from the very small – the human cell – we can profoundly affect the functioning of the whole organism.
Medicine has made many exciting gains over the past 100 years, but recent gains in understanding the function of our cells are destined to produce gains in overall health that will eclipse even the greatest medical breakthroughs of the 20th century.
Why do I say this? For many years, we only dimly understood what was happening inside the very building blocks of our bodies – our cells – and though we strove to improve overall health, and prevent disease through learning to better care for our bodies, reduce stress, eat better, and avoid toxins, we did not really understand the needs of the tiniest building blocks that actually compose these magnificent biological systems that we call the Human Body; the cells that form every tissue and system that makes us what we are.
Over the past two decades, knowledge of the inner workings of our cells, and the factors that support their optimal function has increased exponentially. As expected, this knowledge, when applied to wellness, disease prevention, and health optimization is leading to better results than even the best approaches to wellness once popular in the 20th Century.
We might say that this new science of wellness is growing up, and now that it is moving out into the world, this new understanding of cellular wellness is capable of doing great things, making a positive difference, and improving quality of life for people of all ages and health level, because we all have cells, and we want to support them intelligently.

We started the Cellexir project as a group of individuals committed to bridging the gap by taking the exciting gains made by modern science – the new “Evidence Based” science of wellness, and making it available in a form that is sensible, compatible with a wide variety of lifestyles, individual needs, dietary habits, and health goals, while being affordable.
As the science of cell function has burgeoned over the past 20+ years, strategically chosen supplements have become key to allowing me to state honestly that at nearly 55 years old, I am in much better physical shape than I was at age 30.

My passion is to make the path of sustainable wellness at any age accessible to others, so in 2010 I wrote a book called ”Growing Young: A Doctor’s Guide to The New Anti-Aging”. It has been read and utilized as a wellness guide by people on 5 continents, and I continue to be inspired by my readers who regularly share their experiences with me. And one of those readers were Jonas Bohr.

As a 54 year old physician, I do not desire to slow down; rather, I would prefer to continue to improve as an amateur athlete, and remain an active father, husband, and medical researcher. I am also dedicated to setting an example of commitment to lifelong wellness for my two sons and my wife. My own health regimen includes strength training, rowing, and isometrics, and while I love good food, I eat very consciously to assure optimal nutrition and weight balance.