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Aging Science Comes of Age, as Practical Solutions Are Being Found

Aging Science Comes of Age, as Practical Solutions Are Being Found

[Bild: Marcus Gitterle and his team at Christus Santa Rosa Hospital in the San Antonio area]

MD Marcus Gitterle Chief medical officer of Cellexir and Wound Centrics: http://www.woundcentrics.com/

Marcus ansvarar för Wound Centrics 40 kliniker i 12 stater i USA och skriver för Cellexir en artikelserie om forskningen kring anti aging och åldrande processer. Marcus har även gjort formulan för Cellexir One.

What is aging?

This question has obsessed countless researchers, and ordinary folk, for millennia. We all know what aging means in real-world terms; less resilience, longer recovery time, wrinkles, reading glasses, and the anticipation of the many maladies we associated with getting older.

But what can we do about it? Is it really possible to alter this seemingly inexorable process that leaves its mark on virtually every aspect of our life? Surprisingly, as I point out in my book Growing Young: A Doctor’s Guide to The New Anti-Aging, I believe that the answer is a resounding “yes.”

There is a veritable mountain of data saying so. Countless studies now affirm that the rate of aging can be altered, both favorably, and unfavorably, by things that we can easily choose to do, and things we choose not to do.

This recent science affirms that the things we choose to put into our bodies, and the activities we participate in or avoid can literally program our cells for slower or faster aging.

What about nutritional supplements? Some, but not all nutraceuticals are supported by evidence showing that they can alter cell function in beneficial ways, and make old cells behave like youthful ones.

I want to take a close look at the evidence for a few, very important nutraceuticals, in a series of blog posts, and explore the importance of “synergy,” and how it applies to maintaining peak cell function, and optimizing the way we age.

For example, we will look at exciting science that shows us how to harness the cell restoring effects of “caloric restriction,” but without having to starve ourselves. It turns out, plant-derived compounds can do the same thing, very effectively.* And that is just one of the pathways we will consider for improving our own cell function. There are many more.

Look for a new article each week on some very powerful nutraceutical substances. We will look at how they work, the data backing up their safety and efficacy, and the reasons I consider them to be central in our quest to live our best life, no matter what age.

Marcus Gitterle, MD

*. I. Pavlović, S. Khateb, I, Milisav, J. Mahajna, Nutraceuticals for Promoting Longevity, Current Nutraceuticals, 2020, 1, 18-32